Staying chic and looking cool for every day is a constant battle. The key is looking completely put-together without looking like you tried very hard. A simple solution? Paint it all black—it takes the worry out of matching, the monochromatic look is slimming and flattering, and has a timeless sensibility. Making it work for any situation is all in picking the right fabrics.

StylecasterEdge it Up

All black may already seem inherently edgy, but you can further heighten the appeal by using fabrics with a fierceness to them. Try distressed or ripped black denim skinnies, plain cotton tees, and a printed faux leather moto jacket.

Glam RadarGrunge Glam

That just-rolled-out-of-bed look that was so coveted amongst the grunge scene of the ‘90s takes on a new and totally of-the-moment look when it’s done in all black. It’s at the same time nostalgic and modern. Try an oversized, chunky black sweater in cotton or wool (the more it looks like you pulled it out of your boyfriend’s closet, the better), pair it with a simple pair of black leggings, and top it all off with a pair of black boots (combats are preferable).

The Chic Street JournalMenswear-Inspired

All black is an easy way to play to the “borrowed from the boys” trend. Try a black wool overcoat over a black cotton sweater, add polyester joggers or twill cigarette pants, and seal the deal with a pair of black oxfords.

Glam RadarRunning Around Town

Black sweater dress, black tights, black slouchy boucle sweater and a pair of black leather ankle boots—a super comfy outfit that can take you straight from morning grocery shopping, to antiquing with mom, to date night with the hubby without a costume change.

Glam RadarA Little Dressed Up

Despite being made from casual denim, black skinny jeans are incredibly easy to dress up; it’s all about the pairings. Try a silky shift top or peplum blouse, black pumps, and then go bold with an oversized statement necklace as the focal point.

February 19, 2016 — Shopify API