With summer just around the corner, it’s almost time to grab your favorite pair of sunnies, throw on your bathing suit and flip flops, and head to the beach to play in the waves and soak in some radiant sunshine. This summer, women’s bathing suit cover-ups are being seen in all kinds of shapes and styles, and in a variety of different fashion fabrics, from elegant eyelets to casual terry cloths.

Eyelet FabricEyelet

The gauze-like, super light weight of eyelet gives the fabric a quick-drying ability, and with the added pattern of tiny eyelet holes, makes it a perfect pick for hot summer days at the beach. This summer, Blue Eyelet and White Eyelet are particularly popular in short dress styles of various sleeve lengths and necklines.

Linen FabricLinen

Airy, semi-sheer, loosely woven linen fabrics in natural colors like Olive/Off White Linen and Cream Stripe Linen are making a big splash in this summer’s swim cover-ups, particularly in slouchy, loose fitting styles.

Crochet FabricsCrochet

Crochet knits are light and airy fabrics, making them great for beach cover-ups. This summer, crochet knits in floral and geometric designs, particularly in shades of blue and blue/green like Teal Blue Crochet Knit, Jade Green Crochet Knit (a medallion design) Bright Turquoise Crochet Knit (a diamond design) Steel Blue Crochet Knit (a circular medallion design) in long tunic styles are the most popular.

Sheer Mesh FabricSheer Mesh

Black Mesh, Smoke Black Mesh, and Black/Gold Mesh give a sexy, yet sophisticated look to the classic short sleeved, tunic-style cover-up. Even though sheer mesh is an extremely lightweight and seemingly breathable material, it is made made from polyester, which does not allow for very much air flow, making the fabric better suited for cooler days, or indoor/outdoor pool parties.

Semi Sheer Chambray fabricSemi-sheer Chambray

Chambray, a classic summer fabric because of its light weight and breathability, is making its way into the beach attire category in semi-sheer variations. This summer, chambray will be seen in a variety of blues like Turquoise Blue Chambray and Medium Blue Chambray, particularly in over-sized, long-sleeved, collared button-ups.

Rayon Spandex Blend FabricRayon/Spandex Blends

For those who prefer a non-sheer bathing suit cover-up, rayon/spandex blends like Dark Blue Jersey Knit are a great option. They are lightweight, very soft, drape well, and have just enough stretch to make them super comfortable. Rayon/spandex blends are not prone to wrinkling, which make them great for travel, and they are an opaque fabric, so they can even be worn off the beach as a casual day or evening dress.

Terry Cloth FabricTerry Cloth

Another great fabric choice for a non-sheer cover-up, terry cloth, is a durable, ultra-absorbent and breathable fabric, making it a mainstay choice for beach attire. This summer, terry cloth swim cover-ups are being seen in tube top styles, often with a smocked or draw string top, in White Terry Cloth and other light colors like Pink French Terry, Blue Terry Cloth, and Lilac Terry Cloth.

May 22, 2014 — Shopify API