This winter’s favorite color combination is navy with ebony; it’s edgy, unexpected, and feels both sophisticated and rebellious all at once. To heighten the appeal even more, use luxe fabrics, interesting pairings, and modern silhouettes.

Blue Wool Twill

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A blue wool twill overcoat tossed over a black monochrome ensemble let’s you dip into the trend without fully committing. Rock the trend while outside and shed the contrast layer when you duck inside.

Royal Blue Skirt

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Play up the contrasts by mixing hard and soft elements. Try a black leather jacket paired with a full skirt in royal blue. Bonus points for continuing the colorblocking with black tights and blue shoes.

Blue Silk Dress

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This color combination is a favorite among minimalists; it offers the chance to take just a tiny step outside of monochrome. A silky deep blue shift dress is an easy partner with black tights and ballet flats.

blue Denim and cotton

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For a more understated spin, pair more casual fabrics together like black denim skinnies with a light blue cotton button up.

Navy Sweater

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Slouchy street style is best served dark; try a navy blue knit sweater with black stretchy leggings. Don’t forget the beanie and large sunnies.

Black Cotton Blue Twill skirt

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You can try tossing a print into the mix to dial up the impact even further. Keep the tones neutral, like this Dalmatian print silk blouse with a black cotton cardigan and twill pencil skirt in blueberry.

Chiffon Maxi

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For a refined yet super relaxed look, put a denim vest with a long chiffon maxi. The accessories will be the different between dressed up and dressed down.

February 05, 2016 — Shopify API