No matter what your Thanksgiving day and weekend-after plans are this year, Fashion Fabrics Club has the chic solution to every type of gathering. Hint: it’s all about the fabrics.

1. sortra.comBoard games with the crew

Friendsgiving has become a full-on thing. So chances are, whether it’s the day of or maybe just round one of feasting, you’re likely to get together with your group around Thanksgiving. Keep things light; opt for a comfy pair of stretchy leggings, a cotton tunic, and an oversized knit cardigan. Layers are key when the competition heats up.

2. the in-laws

It’s time to show them you have your act together. Show up early, offer to help in the kitchen (bonus points for bringing a special family recipe), and look unequivocally put-together. Air on the side of sophistication, like a pleated chiffon midi skirt over a lightweight cashmere sweater. Then top off the look with a pair of mid-heel pumps.

3. adoreness.comHosting the extended family

Hosting Thanksgiving means a lot of running around, from juggling things in the oven to dodging in and out of epic card games. The key here is comfort (and a chic apron). Start with your favorite pair of denim skinnies and knitted sweater, then added easy updates like an oversized plaid scarf and a pair of over-the-knee boots.

4. fabyoubliss.comHigh school reunion

Chances are, you haven’t seen most of these people in quite a long time, and a part of why you’re going is to see if that class clown ever amounted to anything, or if your high school sweetheart managed to keep that teenage boyish charm all these years. You want to impress, but without looking like you tried too hard (or, tried at all even). The way to accomplish this is by mixing luxe with laidback, like you just tossed on different pieces and created an instant look. Start with a flowy skirt that falls just below the knee with a simple cotton T tucked in, then toss on a leather moto jacket and a pair of ankle boots.

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