Still on the hunt for an easy yet memorable Halloween costume? Fashion Fabrics Club has got you covered! Check out our easy DIY costume guide.

Rosie the RiveterRosie the Riveter

Channel your girl power this Halloween and dress up as the quintessential female empowerment icon: Rosie the Riveter. Pair a chambray button up with a pair of dark-wash jeans. Add a swipe of red lipstick and a matching bandana and don’t forget to show off your biceps.

Mary PoppinsMary Poppins

What you’ll need: a white cotton button up (the more ruffles the better), a red silk bowtie, black double knit skirt, black tights and boots. Don’t forget the umbrella, the flower-embellished bowler hat, and to break out into song at every opportunity.


This is a great pick for a group costume, everyone picks their favorite color and gets a classic T and matching colored tulle skirt and suspenders. Add white gloves and a giant white M on the front of the shirt and you’re all good to go.

Cher from CluelessCher from Clueless

Plenty of plaid and lots of loud, look-at-me colors. That’s what Cher was all about. For the most iconic look, go for the yellow plaid ensemble: blazer, pleated skirt, white T underneath and matching white over-the-knee socks and a whole lot of attitude.

Tina Belcher of Bob’s BurgersTina Belcher of Bob’s Burgers

An aqua blue cotton T and black polyester skirt is Tina’s signature look, and happens to be an incredibly comfortable and easy look to copy for a costume party. Make sure you wear knee-high socks, that iconic yellow barrette she always sports, thick glasses and a pair of sneakers.

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