If you haven’t got you or your children’s Halloween costume together by now, the chances of finding a completely unique costume that won’t break the bank is slim to none. But don’t fret! Fashion Fabrics Club has compiled a list of five fabulous and simple Halloween costumes you can easily make at home in the week you have left between now and All Hallows’ Eve.

Furry CostumesFurry Creature

Five adorable adult and child animal costumes come in this one pattern envelope by McCall’s – bunny, lion, cat, bear and kangaroo. This super easy, super comfortable costume is great for every member of the family! Use a fuzzy fabric like black faux fur, caramel brown faux fur, or faux fur fleece, to construct these super cute costumes.

Dorthy CostumeDorothy from Wizard of Oz

Two yards of blue-and-white gingham fabric and four white buttons are all you need to make this easy DIY Dorothy dress. Add some red shoes, a short-sleeved white button down shirt, white ankle socks, a small wicker basket and a stuffed dog and you’ll be set to walk down the yellow brick road – or go to that Halloween costume party.

Morton Salt CostumeMorton Salt Girl

An absolutely original costume, the Morton Salt Girl dress will be one that your little girl will remember forever, and she can even wear out as a regular dress after Halloween. Use a lightweight yellow cotton fabric for this long sleeved trapeze dress, pair it with some white stockings and Mary Jane shoes, have her carry an umbrella and voilà a super comfortable, super cute costume.

Owl CostumePatchwork Owl

An old pillowcase, fabric scissors, fabric glue, card stock, cardboard, various colored textured fabric like light brown corduroy, chocolate brown jersey, and yellow linen, and felt is all you need to create this cute and comfortable patchwork owl costume. The fabric feathers are applied with fabric glue instead of sewn on, making this costume super easy to make.

Ghost CostumeGirlie Ghost Tutu

No fuss, no muss – easily turn your toddler’s white onesie into a super cute girlie ghost costume. Cut out some eyes and a crescent mouth from a black cotton fabric and use fabric glue to secure them onto the front of the onesie. Next, measure your toddler’s waist and cut three layers of white tulle according to size. Sew them together along the top and iron the layers so they stick up and down creating volume. Place the skirt around her waist – you can even secure it in the back with a safety pin or two so you don’t have to worry about getting the measurements exactly right.

October 24, 2014 — Shopify API