For those of you who have rocked the athleisure trend all summer, you don’t have to give up on your sporty chic looks just because the season is changing. Fashion Fabrics Club has a few tips and tricks to help you make the trend fall-ready.

Add a bomber jacket

Crop top, leggings, sneakers, GO! It’s the perfect summer style recipe, and super easy to bring into fall, too. Simply add your favorite bomber jacket from lustrous nylon to edgy leather. Done and done.

Add a crisp mid-layer

This look is loaded with luxe details, from the zippers on the leggings to the rich camel-colored sweater. But the lynchpin of the outfit? The crisp cotton button-up poking out from underneath. That one piece brings in a polished appeal that totally transforms the look.

Swap the tank for long sleeves

In the summer, these jogger sweatpants are perfect with a casual T, but for this cooler weather more skin coverage is necessary. Easy, simply swap the tank for a long-sleeved cotton T or turtleneck. It still had the same casual look but keeps you much warmer.

Pair a sweater with a sporty skirt

This jersey skirt with racing stripe has summer written all over it, but when it’s paired with a slouchy sweater knit, it all of a sudden feels just right for fall. It also teeters the line of casual and dressy which is always a good look to have on hand.

Add a touch of tweed

For a weekend look that’s really unexpected, reach for your leather leggings and go-to kicks, pair with a simple T and then layer on a tailored tweed jacket. The addition of the polished piece tempers the edginess of the leather while keeping you warm and cozy.

October 05, 2018 — Shopify API