Get Fashion Fabrics Club’s breakdown on the biggest trends seen on the fashion elite and style mavens on the chic streets of fashion week.

black and whiteBlack and white

Stripes, color blocking, fluid shapes and patterns—across the board black and white was the most prevalent color combination on the chic streets of fashion week.


Tone-on-tone, especially in heavily layered outfits was a major trend on the fashion week crowd this year. The hottest colors were white, black, and tans.

fur2Fur, fur, fur

From brilliantly bold electric hues to soft, natural neutrals, fur and faux fur coats and jackets were one of the biggest pieces keeping the fashion elite warm on the cold streets of fashion week around the globe.

oversized jacketsOversized jackets

Slouchy, oversized wool jackets with extra long sleeves and hems well below the waistline made a big appearance, it’s as if the fashion crowd raided their parents’ closets for fashion week.


It looks like the fashion forward have been taking lessons from geometry, showing off angular patterns and sharp, architectural lines.

leopardLeopard is here to stay

From full-length jackets to short, cropped coats leopard print was causing a major splash across the outerwear of the fashion savvy.

wide legWide legs

From denim jeans to woven trousers, the wide leg silhouette was a clear favorite among this fall collections fashion crowd.

floralFloral prints

From long, flowing chiffon dresses to crochet scarves, florals were popping up all over the streets of fashion week.

March 11, 2016 — Shopify API