Dressing can be difficult and time consuming when the weather is temperamental, so here is Fashion Fabric’s Club’s roundup of 5 versatile colors you can always depend on to keep you chic while we wait patiently (or not-so patiently) for spring to finally arrive.

Olive shade apparelOlive

Olive green is just muted enough of a shade to be appropriate for both sun-filled adventures and overcast, more wintry days. This look of rolled olive green khakis with a mid-weight gingham button-up is a perfect go-to for these anything-goes days.

Gray shade apparelGray

Gray is a seasonless shade that has a magical way of looking both put-together and laid-back at the same time. A super chic way to rock the color right now is by layering pieces of the same shade all in one look. This gray denim, gray sweater, gray tweed coat ensemble is perfect for those last winter days when the temperature refuses to rise higher than the 50s.

Blush shade apparelBlush

Blush is a super easy and understated way to bring a little color into even the simplest of looks. Try an oversized blush cashmere sweater with a favorite pair of skinny jeans and loafers for a fun in-between season weekend look.

Light Blue shade apparelLight Blue

To ease into spring’s bold and bright colors, it’s good to start with more subtle shades like the easy-to-pair light blue. This look is a fun lesson in proportion play, the long length and narrowness of the black skinny jeans is evened out with the wide, high volume shape of the short-sleeved button-up on top. Perfect for a more spring-like day and if the weather starts to cool, simply add a chunky scarf or light coat.

Cream shade apparelCream

Winter and summer whites are classic and clean, but for the months in-between, a neutral cream is the way to go. A tailored, cream-colored lightweight wool coat makes dressing for these questionable weeks in the middle easy—a simple toss-on that instantly adds warmth and chicness to nearly any outfit.