As we enter into the biggest vacation month of the year, Fashion Fabrics Club gives a break down of the essential pieces you need to pack in order to stay chic, comfortable, and ready for anything your plans have in store.

Stretch Denim

Window shopping, brunching, gallery viewing, harbor cruises, gondola rides—daily adventuring calls for some super comfy (i.e. stretchy) denim to keep you looking good and feeling good while you take in all your vacation spot has to offer.

Cotton Jersey LBD

Chances are there will be at least on dress-up event on the vacation agenda. It’s not always easy to know what the dress code will be, so opting for a little black dress is a failsafe. Go with whatever silhouette flatters your particular body type (there’s no reason to get outside your comfort zone even though you’re in a new place), and go for a slinky cotton jersey fabric to keep you cool.

Chiffon Wrap Skirt

It’s nearly impossible to go on vacation without gaining a few lbs…being in a new zip code is a perfectly reasonable excuse for going off the diet. Having a chiffon wrap skirt in the suitcase makes it easy to stay chic towards the end of the trip after gorging on gourmet meals and tropical drinks, thanks to its completely adjustable waistline.

Cotton Tees + Tanks

Whether you’re headed to the humid coast or the dry desert, white cotton t-shirts and tanks are the perfect pick for traveling—they’re inherently cool and can easily be paired with denim for casual outings and sightseeing, and can take on a nice dinner at night with a simple skirt swap.

Cashmere Scarf

There is always a chance that temps can dip, especially once the sun goes down. You won’t be sorry tossing in a cashmere scarf into the suitcase. You can use it as a cozy blanket en route to your destination, bring it with you during the day to dress up your denim, and it’s even fancy enough to pair with your LBD for a more formal affair.

August 04, 2017 — Shopify API