The “little black dress” has been a staple in women’s wardrobes since the famous French fashionista Coco Chanel popularized the look back in the 1920s. Mainstay pieces like little black dresses remain impervious to fads and trend cycles due to their ability to be easily and simply updated from season to season, whether it be by adding accessories, overlays, or other design elements.

This summer, sheer mesh continues to be a popular trend in women’s wear, particularly as a modern design accent in short dresses and skirts. Here are some easy ways to include the summer mesh trend into the classic little black dress look.


Using an overlay of a black polka dotted nylon sheer material like Black Dot Mesh brings a youthful element to the mature little black dress. The dubious mixture of sexy sheer and a cute print makes the polka dotted mesh fabric perfect for adding a unique hint of modest seduction to the ensemble.


Putting a Black Pleated Mesh overlay over a floral patterned fit and flare like this Bloomingdale’s dress not only gives a more mature, formal look to a youthful print and style, but also brings an added textural element with the pleat design. Continue the overlay past the hem of the shell to add even more texture to the look.


Without going overboard, a Black Floral Mesh overlay on a form fitting, slinky dress style adds even more sex appeal to an already maturely sexy ensemble – maintaining an air of mystique.


Adding a sheer, horizontally striped mesh fabric like, Black Stripe Stretch Mesh as an overlay is an easy way to give a simple and classic A-line skirt a modern edge. The overlay gives off a bit of an attitude and adds volume and a flirty flounce without being bulky or heavy.

June 12, 2014 — Shopify API