New Year’s Eve and Everything in Between

New Year’s Eve is the time we get to shine as much as possible. Hello sequins and metallic fabric! In fact, with the holidays in full force, we have permission to do so all of December—day and night. So why not infuse some metallics into your wardrobe this season, be it for the ball drop, your next soiree, or just a day at the office. Here’s how:

1) If you’re throwing a party or three this season, I highly recommend you add some glitz to your apartment with some easy-to-make pillow covers. You can even avoid buttons and zippers with a simple fold-over pattern. I was particularly inspired by this embossed silver style from Missoni. This woven cover from West Elm, on the other hand, is also a polished interior look to try.
2) Not the girly-girl type? You can still join in on the fun with a design like these sophisticated trousers. Pair it with a slouchy cashmere sweater for your work’s holiday shindig—it’s foolproof.

3) Add it as an accent piece like sleeves on a T-shirt or cuffs on a jacket. Subtlety is always a win.

4) Try it on a classic silhouette. Is there anything cooler than a futuristic sheen on an ultra-pretty cut? A flawless choice for NYE, in my opinion.

5) Make it daytime fab in the form of a slouchy sweater with metallic thread. A look like this one will smartly transition from day to night. And hey, it looks pretty darn comfortable, too.

6) For those of us who plan to do our countdown from the safety (and warmth!) or our couches, might I suggest bringing the cheer indoors with some gold, silver, or gunmetal pajamas. A drawstring pattern is simple and would amp up your New Year’s Eve almost as much as that champagne.

So how are you going to spice up your new year? With metallic fabric we hope!

December 20, 2013 — Shopify API