Spring is a time to try new things. Experimenting with color combinations, giving a new trend a whirl, mixing articles in one outfit that you’ve never done before—the options are limitless. This spring, the biggest experiment going on in the fashion realm is combining multiple, bold prints into one fabulous outfit. It sounds a little messy, but if executed properly it can look extremely chic and fashion forward. Here are some examples of style mavens who’ve nailed the trend.

whowhatwear.comStripes and Florals

The trick to combining stripes and florals is to pick one focal color, like this lemony yellow, and surround it with neutrals. The black and white striped top and gold pumps are the perfect foil for the bright skirt.

aelida.comAll Black and White

A flowing chiffon top with an angular, geometric print combined with a pair of floral print skinnies—this bohemian-meets-grunge look works because it’s all in black and white and the patterns vary so much in size.

celebrities8.comHoundstooth with Lace

A lace overlay creates a stunning, fluid pattern—a print that contrasts beautifully with a geometric print like houndstooth or gingham. Add a flash of bold color, like a vivid orange, to give the look an extra bit of punch.

glamradar.comLeopard and Plaid

This look is a little harder to get just right; it’s all about the colors and the size of the patterns. The warm colors—the brown in the leopard print and the maroon in the plaid—are a stunning and subdued mixture, which allows the clash of the prints to collide in just the right way. The key is to use a large patterned plaid; too many stripes will cause a dizzying effect against the small, cluttered print of the leopard top.

April 03, 2015 — Shopify API