Scarves are essential for staying stylishly chic while keeping warm as cool fall breezes transition into cold wintery snowstorms. Luckily, scarves are incredibly easy to make, and you can use a variety of different fabrics depending on how much warmth the unpredictable fall to winter weather calls for. From lightweight linens to chunky wool knits, having a wide array of scarves is the perfect way to easily switch up your style from day to day, even if you’re wearing the same jacket.

Fabiana Filippi linen scarfLinen

Even though it doesn’t immediately come to mind as a scarf fabric, linen is a wonderful choice for those warmer winter days, offering just a hint of extra warmth, but a large dash of elegant style.

Akira Plaid ScarfPlaid

A medium weight, fuzzy 100% acrylic plaid scarf is one of the major essentials – the design never goes out of style and the napped acrylic fabric is super cozy and comfortable. You can wear it wrapped around your neck under your jacket on cooler days, or draped over your shoulders as an outerwear piece for warmer days.

Hugo Boss Knit ScarfChunky Knit

Chunky wool knits are wonderful for those blustery winter days when you’d rather stay at home wrapped up in a blanket by the fire but the day’s responsibilities drag you out to battle against the outdoor elements. Super comfortable, chunky knits provide incredible warmth while still allowing air to flow through to the skin so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

Loro Piana Cashmere ScarfCashmere

There is no fabric more luxurious for a winter scarf than 100% cashmere. This super soft, highly sought after fine wool is light/medium weight, yet has the warmth of a heavy wool, without the bulk or scratchy feel.

Target Houndsthooth Double Knit scarfHoundstooth Double-Knit

Houndstooth is a timeless pattern in the fashion realm. Extremely easy to pair, especially when in the classic black-and-white color scheme, houndstooth makes for a perfect winter scarf. Try a houndstooth polyester double knit for extra warmth.

Donna Salyers Faux Fur ScarfFaux Fur/Pelt

Get the elegant look and lavish feel of an animal pelt without getting on PETA’s blacklist with a faux fur, synthetic fuzzy fabric. Choose from mink gray to snow rabbit white, cheetah or leopard, or go for a more artificial look by opting for a bold blue or royal purple; this year, anything goes.

November 14, 2014 — Shopify API