Check out Fashion Fabrics Club’s roundup of the season’s most flattering swimwear silhouettes, plus links to the fabrics you need to craft your own at home.

The Tiered Ruffles

The bikini no longer reigns king in the swimwear realm, and no wonder, one-pieces are much more flattering for the average lady. This tiered ruffle design is one of the most flattering (opt for a solid color like rainforest green or teal blue), completely concealing any lumps or bumps around the mid-section. Hot dog, anyone?

The Cutout

Combing the allure of a two-piece with the security of a one-piece, the cutout is the best of both worlds. You can place the peek-a-boo wherever it’s most flattering to your particular body shape. The beauty is in the design, so keeping the color neutral, like classic black, is the best way to go.

The Crochet

Adding a layer of crochet is a great way to give a dose of intrigue to an otherwise basic bikini, plus it helps keep everything securely in place. Added bonus: it doubles as a fun top, just toss on a pair of jeans or a skirt and you have a killer going-out look.

The High-Waisted Two-Piece

The high-waisted two-piece is the sophisticated, grown-up sister of the bikini while still being sexy with just a sliver of skin exposed at the middle. It’s a little sporty and provides ample coverage, which makes it a great pick for seaside shenanigans: beach volleyball, surfing, parasailing, etc. The beauty about this style is being able to mix and match different colors and patterns.

June 09, 2017 — Shopify API