The fashion shows have been over for a while now, and we’re starting to see the biggest trends hit the stores, and even better, the streets. Check out some of Fashion Fabrics Club’s top favorite trending themes for the new season.

1. krentu.blogspot.comOn the Prairie

Swooping fabrics, flower fields in forms of floral appliqués gracing the hems of full-length dresses, earthy crunchy colors of forest green, sunset orange, dessert brown. And fringe, fringe, fringe. On everything. Army jackets, suede skirts, pleated dresses, you name it.

2. natalie youngGrecian Goddess

Think toga, remixed. This look is for the modern day wanderlust, that girl who seems to be on perpetual vacation and always manages to be sporting a tan. The runways were showing off floor-length chiffon dresses, sometimes even gilded with golden accents and fasteners paired and often paired with gladiator sandals.

3 mayara rimoloModern Eclecticism

Sneakers with tulle skirts and tennis sweaters, bomber jackets over jersey knit dresses, large scale prints mixed with small patterns, sequined cardigan sweaters with boucle skirts adorned with laces inserts, stripes on stripes, pleated dresses with casual loafers. It seems that, this season, every rule is being broken.

4. bloglovin'Boudoir Dressing

The slip is coming out—even the most scantily clad, lace and silk see-through ones typically reserved for the bedroom only. To make this look more appropriate for everyday, style mavens have been layering blazers over the top of their negligée-esque dresses and pairing them with heels to say, “Yes, this is on purpose.”

April 01, 2016 — Shopify API