The 4th of July weekend has arrived, and that means cookouts, get togethers, and pool parties. Showing your patriotic pride by wearing red, white, and blue is an understood requirement, but it can tend to look tacky if it’s not done right. Here are three ways to chicly sport the look:

Dressed Up 4th of JulyDressed Up

For more fancier 4th soirees, go with a skirt and blouse, it’s still airy enough to keep you cool if your outside in the heat, but still maintains a polished, put-together vibe. Make the skirt in a lightweight but sturdy silk dupioni, in large horizontal stripes of white and red. For the blouse, go with a navy chiffon, make it in a pattern if you’re feeling a bit daring. If your event is on the lawn, swap out the heels for a pair of wedges so you don’t have to battle sinking into the ground.

Casually Upscale 4th of JulyCasually Upscale

If you can’t tell what the dress code is going to be, tread the line between dress up and dress down. Wear a simple red and white striped cotton jersey dress and get your dash of blue with a fitted denim jacket. Toss on some sandals to keep it easy, or you can make it a little more dressy by opting for a pair of espadrille heels.

Dressed Down 4th of JulyDressed Down

If you’re planning on a casual get together or not sure where the weekend’s festivities will take you, a pair of rolled denim shorts and a cotton top is the way to go. Make the shirt red and white striped and throw on a pair of crisp white Converse (American brand: bonus!) sneakers to cap off the look—and show off your sunkissed skin.

July 03, 2015 — Shopify API