Men’s and women’s wear collections have a lot in common this spring and summer. Not only do they share many of the same trending colors, but they also have many of the same print trends in common. Three prints in particular have been found to be universally trending for both the men’s and women’s wear sectors: floral motifs, animal prints, and geometric patterns.

  1. Floral

Floral FabricsFloral motif, in both small and large design, is the number one trending print this spring/summer for both men and women. For women, floral patterns will be seen in strong stretch fabrics for leggings and pants and also in more lightweight cottons and synthetics for blouses and dresses. Flowing, draping slip dresses will be made in soft, lightweight cotton floral fabrics like the Mustard Yellow Floral Gauze and also rayon fabrics like the Black/Beige Floral Challis and Black/White Floral Challis. Floral patterns will be seen ornamenting the twill shorts of dapper men this spring/summer. 100% silk floral fabrics like the Ivory/Brown Silk Shirtingwill make an appearance in short sleeved camp shirts, Hawaiian shirts, polos and other short-sleeved men’s button-ups.

  1. Animal Print

Animal PrintsIn women’s wear, snakeskin, zebra, tiger, alligator and giraffe patterns are catching up to their leopard and cheetah print craze predecessors. Lightweight polyester knits like Grey Snakeskin Jersey Knit and Brown Snakeskin Jersey Knit are going to be used for easy care, comfortable summer dresses. Animal prints will continue to appear in women’s skinny jeans in fabrics like Brown Snakeskin Stretch Canvas and Brown Snakeskin Stretch Twill and denim. Leopard print, snakeskin and alligator crepe (like Tan/White Voile Shirting) blouses, zebra and tiger print cotton shirting and giraffe printed accessories will also be popular. The leopard print obsession that usurped the women’s wear sphere seasons ago (or was it years?) is making its entrance as a full-fledged trend in the menswear arena.Men’s accessories like briefcases, bags, shoes, ties and tech cases will be ornamented with accents of leopard, snakeskin and giraffe prints this season. Cotton T-shirts and jersey tanks will be made in varying leopard print designs from more natural prints like the Brown/Black Leopard Jersey Knit to more stylized versions with pops of bold color like Tan/Blue Leopard Jersey Knit.

  1. Geometric

Geometric PrintsRepetitive, colorful geometric designs are present in both men’s and women’s wear this spring/summer, but they each have their own twist. For women, the geometric patterns are reminiscent of the psychedelic-retro zeitgeist of the 1960s, perhaps a stylistic homage to TV show Mad Men. Symmetrical and balanced designs like Black/Orange Geometric Jersey Stretch Knit and Black/Blue Geometric Jersey Stretch Knit in slinky, body-hugging maxi and mini dresses and skirts will be prevalent. For men, geometric patterns are bright, colorful and symmetrical, and take design elements from Native American and desert prints. These prints will be present mostly in short and long-sleeved T-shirts and tanks of lightweight fabrics like 100% rayon Aqua Green/Black Jersey Knit.

May 08, 2014 — Shopify API