It’s official—wedding season is here. And whether you’re a part of the wedding party or not, knowing everything you need to pack is key to a successful, stress-free weekend. Read Fashion Fabrics Club’s guide to packing for a wedding weekend.

1. Kennedy BlueThe Rehearsal Dinner

You want to be dressed up, but not as dressy as the actual wedding day. Opt for something short in a muted or neutral tone. Colors like navy, gray, black, and pink are always appropriate. And chiffon is the perfect dressy fabric.

2Getting Made Up

People don’t usually realize how important what you wear to get your makeup and hair done is. It is essential to wear a zip-up sweater on top; otherwise you will smudge your makeup or snag your just-done-up hair trying to pull your shirt off over your head.

3. phase-eight.comThe Ceremony & Reception

You can usually find a dress code on the invitation, but sometimes it can seem a bit ambiguous. How to know for sure? Google the venue. Sometimes the ceremony and reception are held in two different places. Since you’ll be spending more time at the reception venue, use that to base your look on. Going to a rustic-chic, renovated barn wedding? Go with something vintage-inspired. Country club wedding? Full-length is always the most formal, add a dash of lace to amp it up even more.

4. Forever 21The After Party

Most of the time, wedding guests will change before heading to the wedding after party. Think: casual, going out. A pair of faux leather leggings and a slinky top is perfect for hitting up some local bars. If you’re just hanging out at the hotel, you can get away with something more relaxed like a cotton jersey tank dress

5. Damsel In DiorThe Next-Day Brunch

Nothing super fancy is expected after a long night of festivities. A simple silky slip dress or a pair of lace shorts and a slinky cotton top is just.

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