Fleece is a wonderful winter fabric. Made from 100% polyester fiber, fleece has great heat insulation properties despite its light weight, and it has a cozy, super soft napped surface. Needless to say, fleece is incredibly comfortable to wear. The fuzzy fabric is easy to sew and makes a great option for adding a layer of warmth without the bulk of a heavy fabric. Here are a few pieces from this winter’s collections that incorporate comfortable fleece and would be easy to make at home, complete with links to buy at Fashion Fabrics Club Online.

Fleece SweaterFleece Sweater or Cardigan

A plaid patterned fleece like blue plaid fleece or pink plaid fleece make a great looking cardigan, especially in an asymmetrical pattern like this one-button cardigan from Bobeau.

Plush RobePlush Robe

For an elegant, sleek looking robe that feels as comfortable and cozy as your favorite sweatshirt, use a plush fleece in a dark, rich color like wine/berry red Sherpa fleece.

fleece PajamaPajama Jumpsuit

One-piece pajama jumpsuits have become incredibly popular in the leisurewear sector, particularly for young women. They come in a range of fabrics from cotton jersey to thermal to flannel to fleece; they sometimes come with a hooded top and/or footed bottoms. For a particularly in-style bodysuit, use an animal print fleece like brown cheetah fleece, bonus points if you incorporate a rear flap!

Fleece WelliesWellies

If you ever plan on wearing your rain boots in the winter months then a pair of willies, or boot socks, are essential to avoiding frozen toes. Pick a nice neutral color like dark navy blue fleece so you can pair them with all different colored boots and outfits.

Fleece VestVest Zip Up

A minimal zip up vest in a neutral grey like light grey fleece is a great addition to a man’s winter wardrobe due to its incredible functionality and versatility. Pair it with a flannel and jeans to chop wood outside, or with a button-up, jacket and khakis for a casual day date.

Fleece SweatpantsSweatpants

Everyone, both men and women, should have a pair of drawstring smoke black fleece leisure pants in their closet. Much more classy looking than sweatpants with the same comfortable feel, they are a wardrobe staple.

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