Houndstooth is a classic weave pattern often used in suiting apparel and outerwear. Recently the geometric print has been incorporated into other garments like dresses, leggings and sweaters in unique ways, using the timeless print to create fun, modern pieces. Here are some of Fashion Fabrics Club favorites from the current collections!

Houndstooth Button upSheer Button-Up

A colorful houndstooth plaid chiffon fabric makes a fun, lightweight blouse that can be worn under a blazer at work, or on it’s own with jeans for a more casual look.

Houndstooth Maxi DressMaxi Dress

The ever-popular maxi dress is another unique use for a lightweight black/ivory houndstooth charmeuse. The small repetitive houndstooth pattern is an eye catching and flattering print for the sophisticated full-length garment.

Houndstooth Striped DressStriped Dress

A stretchy, colored houndstooth like pale blue houndstooth ponte double knit can be mixed with another geometric pattern to make an incredibly visually striking, comfortable dress like this Michael Kors three-quarter length dress.

Houndstooth Stretch pantsStretchy Leggings

Using a stretchy fabric with a houndstooth print like black/pink plaid activewear for a pair of printed leggings is a great pick. The overall look is super chic while maintaining ultimate comfort.

Houndstooth sweaterFaux Fur Sweater

A fuzzy faux fur houndstooth like blue/black houndstooth plaid faux fur makes a fun focal piece garment that pairs nicely with slacks, jeans or a skirt.

Houndstooth OvercoatStriped Overcoat

A chunky, mixed print houndstooth fabric like

black/white houndstooth wool coating that incorporates multiple houndstooth patterns of varying sizes in one material makes a striking appearance both far away and when viewed close up.

Houndstooth knit sweaterCasual Knit Sweater

Houndstooth even looks great in casual wear. A colorful houndstooth in a soft, comfortable knit like teal green/black jersey knit makes for an easy to wear jumper that displays a classically cool affinity for style.

Houndstooth coatCollarless Coat

For a super classic, chic look, use the traditional black houndstooth suiting in a tailored coat. It can be worn in any season and can be paired with a number of different garments.

January 02, 2015 — Shopify API