Unfortunately, the fashion industry can often be a wasteful place, so it’s refreshing to find advancements in technology that are making clothing more earth-friendly. One of my favorite results of this movement is Tencel fabric.

Have you tried it? It’s an incredibly versatile textile that is made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable tree farms. It can range vastly in weight and drape, but is always luxuriously touchable. Typically it feels similar to rayon but is touted to be biodegradable. Lately, it’s been turning up in everything from denim mixtures to basic tanks and tees. Sidenote: Nothing makes skinny jeans more happily wearable.

Tencel fabric doesn’t wrinkle as much as rayon (thank goodness!) and it washes easy and breathes even easier (phew!). I like the idea of using solids for airy work-friendly button-ups or a subtle print for a weekend blouse. Tell me, how would you or have you used Tencel? Are you as big a fan as I am? Dish.

January 17, 2014 — Shopify API