For some people, black fabric can read as boring. An LBD is undeniably classic, yes, but is it memorable? It all depends. To me, black is luxurious. It never goes out of style and screams high-fashion—when implemented correctly.

The trick to ensure an impactful use of your dark textiles? Toy with texture. Either start with rich touchable fabric, or start basic and create your own depth. Here are a five ways to make that happen:

1. Pleats. These gems have multiple personalities. They can give a retro feel in a voluminous ‘50s silhouette or they can be dreamy and delicate. Even better, why not try texture on top of texture like this Calvin Klein mini I’m swooning over?

2. Ruffles. Any girly-girl is far too familiar with the joys of ruffles, but they can actually be quite sophisticated. Take this top, for example, it’s polished while still being fun and interesting.

3. Pintucks. This is a pleat’s sophisticated sister. Try them out on a blouse or button-down to add some interest to office wear.

4. Appliques. How crazy elegant is this appliqued satin maxi-skirt from Temperley London? I can’t think of a more versatile evening design, particularly when paired with a white button-down a la Carolina Herrera. The applique petals make it romantic without looking silly.

5. Quilting. Something like these quilted leather jeans may be a bit of a sartorial feat to create, but adding quilted lines to a skirt or an accessory would give some serious dimension.

So how will you use your black fabric?

January 09, 2014 — Shopify API