Believe it or not, fashion is all about plaid fabric right now. From lumberjack flannel to ladylike checkers, street stylers and red carpet walkers alike are eating it up. So guess what, I’m going to supply you with the easiest ways to infuse the trend into your wardrobe (with a little help from your sewing machine, of course).

Easy Accessory Design Ideas:
Plaid Fleece Scarf

1) A scarf. It doesn’t get any simpler than a neckwarmer for sewing. Choose a plaid fleece fabric for a quick no-sew project. Just buy a couple yards and cut them into strips to keep all those on your shopping list cozy. A once-around stay stitch will give a cool effect to fray-happy fabrics.

Plaid Fabric Hari Bow

2) A hair bow. This is so girly you could make it for your niece or put it in your hair for a retro kick next time you wear your favorite sheath. Pick any pattern you like and utilize that fray check.

Plaid Fabric Beenie

3) A beanie. Find the stretchiest of plaid to make a quick (and warm!) slouchy hat for snow play days.

Easy Dress Design Ideas:

Plaid Fabric Shift

1) A plaid shift. It sounds obvious, but to keep the sewing of plaid simple, opt for simple shapes like a boxy shift dress. Seams will be a breeze to match without risking a jarring uneven lineup at your side. Plus, it’s very mod and can be easily belted to show your figure.

Plaid Fabric Dress

2) Want a tighter fit? Nip it at the waist and finish with an A-line flare.

Plaid Fabric Shirtdress

3) Make a shirtdress. Grab a T-shirt from your drawer and base your design off of it, merely lengthen the pattern to create this laid-back easy to replicate vibe.

Coats (my favorite!) may seem daunting, but there are just three rules to follow to streamline your design:
Plaid Fabric Box Coat

1) Choose boxy fits—another big trend right now!

Plaid Fabric Coat

2) Go collarless. We all know what a headache collars are to construct, right?

Plaid Fabric Coat Scarf

3) Forgo hardware or closures. Waterfall necklines sans buttons are so chic! And you can always add a belt for windy days. Just be sure to choose a plaid that’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out.

So how are you going to join the plaid fabric trend this season?

November 22, 2013 — Shopify API