If you’re stumped on what crafty/creative/sentimental presents to get your loved ones this holiday season, I’m pretty sure I have an awesome solution for you. Fleece fabric. It’s super cuddly, easy to work with and apropos for this time of year.

While it’s simple to cut long strips out of a couple yards of fleece for some no-sew scarves (yay for clean fray-free cuts!), the edges are where you can really take things up a notch. Bust out your serger for a straight finish, or use it to create a lettuce edge like I showed you here. Hand sewing with a blanket stitch would also be a beautiful solution. Here’s a great video tutorial if you need a refresher.

Now for the fun part! Let’s go over some ideas to make each fleece fabric scarf unique:

1. Double up with two different colors or prints. Maybe plaid on one side, with a solid color on the other.
2. Sew on some tassels or fringe.
3. Or simply cut tiny strips in the edges for fleece tassels.
4. Embroider someone’s initials or perhaps a cute word like “love.”
5. Go for the unexpected! Fleece polka-dots are one of my faves.
6. Sew the ends together to make it an on-trend infinity scarf.
7. Or cut out cute hearts, dolphins, owls, to applique on the ends (great for the little ones!).

Here are a couple darling fleece scarves I made for some inspiration. Enjoy!

Fleece Fabric Samples

November 29, 2013 — Shopify API