It’s official, the color of the year (as dictated by THE fashion color experts, Pantone) is a playful yellow-green. Here, Fashion Fabrics Club’s favorite ways to bring the “it” color of 2017 into everyday looks right now.

1. Elvelina KiuraiteTone-On-Tone

If you’re looking for a really high-impact look, you can capitalize on the eye-catching nature of this electric shade by layering pieces all in the same color. The key to keeping it classy is making sure each piece is of a varying shade (luckily, Fashion Fabrics Club has hundreds of options to choose from).

2. travelfashiongirl.comColor Pop

For a more laid-back look, use the bright hue as the focal point and keep the rest of the outfit neutral. Using the color in a flowy piece like a chiffon maxi skirt tempers the vibrant nature of the electric green.

3. cakechooser.comOver Coat

This color has an inherently youthful element to it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look sophisticated—try it in a structured piece like a classic over coat in rich, textured tweed.

allforfashiondesign.comColor Block

Try pairing solid-colored pieces in the same shade but of a different color, like this royal blue midi skirt. The color-blocked result has a clean and refined effect, despite the incredibly vibrant color scheme. Of course, the fabrics play a major part, too—opt for elegant materials like cashmere or satin.

January 13, 2017 — Shopify API