New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around leading healthier lifestyles, so this week Fashion Fabrics Club takes a close look at workout wear and offers multiple ways to make chic ensembles with athletic pieces for everyday adventures.


A plain sweatshirt paired with jogger sweatpants and sneakers are fine for en route to the gym or laying around the house, but you can extend the life of this super comfy cozy outfit by transforming into a full on look with the simple addition of one very impactful piece: the leather (or faux leather) moto jacket.

Hooded SweatshirtHooded Sweatshirt

With the right pairing, that hooded sweatshirt you live in all weekend long can make for an effortlessly easy ensemble. The key is in the layering: put a long cotton T underneath and then toss a cute quilted or patterned vest on top. Keep the bottom half streamlined to even out the bulk of the top layers—skinny denim or stretchy leggings are just the ticket.


Workout tees don’t have to be reserved only for the gym. Toss on a pair of distressed denim, heels, and layer a structured or otherwise streamlined jacket on top for the perfect balance of dressy and casual (read: ready for anything).


Yes, it is possible to dress up leggings without ditching your beloved sneakers. Focus on the top pieces: the more tailored, the better. Try a crisp cotton button-up under a streamlined wool topcoat.

January 05, 2017 — Shopify API