As we enter into summer’s hottest month, we find ourselves spending more and more time in swimsuits, cooling off beach, lake or poolside. Luckily, gone are the days when women had essentially two options for swimwear, skimpy triangle-top bikinis or modest, full coverage one pieces. Modern swimwear designers have ventured past these binary options into a much more unique, fun, adventurous and innovative sphere of bathing suits for women, providing a myriad of shapes and styles to choose from. This summer, there are six clear front-running trends when it comes to bathing suit styles, and Fashion Fabrics Club has the perfect swimwear material in trending colors and patterns that are perfect for making these looks. Here is a breakdown of the six sexiest swimwear styles of 2014:

Bandeau Swimsuit1. The Bandeau

A prevalent style in more than just the swimwear arena, the bandeau has been a trend for the last few seasons, making it’s appearance both under shirts and alone as a top (mostly for the younger demographics). The bandeau is a great, comfortable style for women with a smaller bust who don’t need to worry about having a strap. The bandeau style is particularly popular in neon and other bright colors like Hot Pink Swimwear and also in more neutral shades like Ecru Swimwear.

Fringe Swimsuit2. Fringe

A continuing trend from last summer, fringe is still a popular pick for bathing suit tops from halters, bandeaus, triangle tops, one-pieces and everything in-between. They come in any number of solid colors, but this design detail looks especially striking when combined with a striped, multi-colored pattern like Brown/Black Stripe Swimwear and Aqua Blue/Coral Stripe Swimwear.

Ruffle Swimsuit3. Ruffle

Ruffles have been making their appearance in the swimwear category as a flattering design element in everything from one-pieces to string bikinis. It creates a fluidity that is less conspicuous than the fringe look, offering an innocent and girly component to the look, especially when in light, pastel colors like Rosy Pink Swimwear.

Crop Top Swimsuit4. Crop Top

Especially popular among the more sports-oriented, like surfers and beach volleyball players, the crop top bathing suit is wonderful for those days when you want to be more active than just laying out, soaking in the sun. The crop top is full coverage, very stable and supportive; you never have to worry about accidental exposure. With the crop top trend in casual shirts, these can even double as a top when paired with shorts, pants or a skirt, especially when in an easily paired color like Powder Blue Swimwear, Light Periwinkle Blue Swimwear, or Wedgewood Blue Swimwear.

Retro Swimsuit5. Vintage-Inspired/Retro High Waist

The high waists of the 1950s are making their mark on women’s swimwear this season. The high waist gives a flattering, slimming effect, perfect for women with curves or a little extra padding around the hips and waist without having to opt for a full out one-piece. This Topshop suit is a great example of the retro look in a fun emerald Green Swimwear.

Monokini Swimsuit6. Monokini

Not yet a full-fledged trend (but it will be soon, you heard it here first!), the monokini is a cross between a bikini and a one piece. It has some kind of fun, often intricate, cut-out around the middle section making for a unique, eye-catching look. This Beach Riot monokini is in a Pale Green Swimwear fabric with side cutouts, but they come in a number of different designs and colors and there are sure to be many more on next year’s shelves!

August 01, 2014 — Shopify API