Getting caught in a passing rainstorm is one of summer’s more magical moments, along with catching fireflies, taking midnight swims and napping in the warm sun. Everyone needs a lightweight summer raincoat that not only keeps them dry, but also cool and stylish. This summer, there are a number of shapes, styles, and colors to choose from when it comes to raingear, from cute feminine trench styles to athletic zip-ups. No matter what look you are going for, there are plenty of options for staying stylish with your summer raingear, and Fashion Fabrics Club has the durable, comfortable, and fashionable rainwear materials perfect for constructing any number of rain jacket styles.

Lightweight RaingearFor a versatile option, use a slinky, satiny, lightweight polyester in a neutral color like beige, taupe, or navy (like the Sapphire Satin Rainwear). In a mid-thigh length and a belt around the natural waistline, this style can be paired with anything from casual jeans to a more formal summer dress. This fabric is super lightweight and comfortable, keeping the wearer cool even in the hot summer heat. It should be noted, however, that this fabric tends to wrinkle very easily. If folded for packing, make sure to hang it immediately upon arrival – the wrinkles will smooth out on their own after only a few hours of hanging.

classic raingear

For a professional, classic, and timeless rain jacket, opt for a variation of brown, like Light Brown Rainwear (a shiny satin finish, 100% polyester), Chocolate Rain Slicker (100% polyester), or Smoky Brown Rain Slicker (100% polyester). This color looks especially ravishing in the classic double-breasted, belted and lined trench style (think Burberry), but also looks great in more athletic designs like a hooded zip-up or pull over style.

red raingear

Don’t be afraid to use your raincoat as a statement piece. Donning a rain jacket in a fun color like Orange Red Rainwear (100% nylon) is a great way to brighten up a rainy day. You can use this piece as the focal point of the outfit, pairing it with more neutral shades so the jacket really pops, or pair it with a colorful outfit for an even more striking appearance.

white raingear

White doesn’t often come to mind when thinking about raingear, but in a solid, durable 100% polyester fabric like White Slicker, you don’t have to worry about it showing dirt or wear. White looks especially great in feminine styles like knee-length, full-skirted trenches (major style points for pulling off heels in the rainy weather!), but also looks great made into shorter, sportier, hooded styles as well.

July 24, 2014 — Shopify API