Couture collections are always the most grandiose of all the fashion runway shows, displaying ornate designs with exaggerated styles, highly intricate detailing and the most exquisite tailoring. Even though the high fashion designers who showed collections at the fall 2014 couture shows this summer had a diverse array of inspirational sources and differed immensely in mood and schema, they managed to have many similar design details when it came to color and prints. Here is Fashion Fabrics Club’s break down of the trending elements from the fall 2014 couture shows, providing you with links to similar fabrics for your convenience.


The colors of the fall couture collections were as rich as the luxurious materials they adorned. In particular, vibrant reds, from deep crimson to bright scarlet, and saturated blues in a range of navy and royal hues were seen as either the focal point or accent color for pieces in almost every designer’s collection. Canary yellow and turquoise were also popular among this fall’s high fashion couture collections. However, the most popular color scheme was, unquestionably, the classic pairing of black-and-white; a crossover from seasons passed.

Couture Color

Red – red duchess silk satin and burgundy silk duchess satin

Navy – navy blue silk taffeta, and navy blue silk duchess satin

Turquoise – turquoise silk duchess satin, turquoise silk crepe back satin, and turquoise silk satin organza

Black – black silk duchess satin, black satin back shantung, and black satin


There were some clear winners in the category of prints and patterns in the fall couture collections this year as well. Angular, symmetrical patterns like stripes (especially in black-and-white and with sheer detailing like black silk chiffon and white chiffon), polka dot patterns on sheer fabrics (see black polka dot stretch mesh, black/white polka dot chiffon, black/white polka dot chiffon) and solid geometric prints (see white/black jersey knit, pink geometric charmeuse, and black sparkle slinky) were seen in about half of the collections shown.

Coutture Prints

The rest of the collections had a focus that was more fluid, with natural patterns like varied animal prints (particularly leopard and cheetah prints in flowing semi-sheer fabrics like grey/black crinkled chiffon, charcoal/black cheetah chiffon and sage/black print crinkled chiffon) and floral motifs (especially in rich brocades like black floral brocade, ivory eversong brocade and wine eversong brocade).

Couture Prints 2

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